Setting up Redirect on Firebase

March 5, 2020

I recently redid my nuxt personal site (hosted on firebase) and changed some URLs. One of them are links to my blogs. Before, I had my blogs at /blog/my-blog, now it is spelled /blogs/my-blog.


For example, my old redux URL was

The problem

When I search for my article for " redux 101", google shows the old URL instead of the new one. When user clicks at the link google provides about that redux article (or any blog I made), they will go to incorrect /blog/redux-101 URL.

Old Google Result

The Solution

Here are the steps I did to configure redirect on firebase, where I host my site. The solution is very simple and I hope it will help others in the future!

First, per firebase docs, I need to add a redirect attribute in my firebase.json. So here is what I did:

// firebase.json
    "redirects": [
        "source": "/blog/:slug",
        "destination": "/blogs/:slug",
        "type": 301

The 301 is for redirect.

Then I deployed it (firebase deploy). The code above takes the old URL (source) and redirect it to correct one (destination). So whenever user goes, he/she will be automatically get redirected to instead.

That's it!

Whenever I click on google link (the old link with /blog), it now redirects to the new one.

URL redirects 301

Other firebase redirects

In addition to redirection above, firebase allows several redirect configs. Here are some:

  • Basic redirect: whenever user goes to, they will be redirected to using:
    "source": "/old",
    "destination": "/new",
    "type": 301
  • Different URL: If you decided to give a URL a new domain, you should use 302 to redirect and inform user that this address is in a new URL.
    "source": "/myproject",
    "destination": "",
    "type": 302
  • Multiple redirects: If you have multiple URLs, like:,,, etc., and want to redirect all of them o You can do it with ** and {/**}.
    "source": "/menu{,/**}"
    "destination": "/foodie"
    "type": 301

Thanks for reading. Happy coding! 💻


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